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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  May 1, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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♪ >> the chalice being used today is the same one used by john paul ii during the the last years of his pontificate. pray, that our sacrifice may be acceptable to god, the almighty father. people may the accept for the praise and glory of his name for our good and the good of all his church.
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lord, through faith and baptisttism we have become a new creation, accept the offerings of your people and of those born again in baptisttism. and he eternal happiness, grant this through christ our lord, amen: the lord be with you. the people respond: and also with you. lift up your hearts, we lift up to the lord. let us give thanks to the lord, our god. it is right to give him thanks and praise.
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father, all powerful and ever living god. we do well always and everywhere to give you thanks to jesus christ our lord. we praise you with greater joy than ever in this easter season when christ became our sacrifice. he is the true lamb who took away the sins of the world, by dying he destroyed our death, by rising, he restored our life. and so, with all the choirs of angels in heaven we proclaim your glory and joy in your unending hymn of praise.
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and now the choir and the people will sing. holy, holy, holy lord, god of power and might. heaven and earth are full of your glory. hosanna in the highest. blessed is he who comes in the name of the lord, hosanna in the highest. ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ >> and now together with ref rance and silence, the first time the blessed name of john paul ii will be included in our prayer and father calls to mind god his father's holiness and the work of the holy trinity to gathers by the people. now the holy father will
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celebrate, and asking god's blessing on the gift and the co consecration the wine will become the body and blood of christ.
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[bell ringing] ♪ >> let us proclaim the mystery of faith.
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christ has died, christ has risen, christ will come again. and now the holy father will be celebrating cardinals the mystery of christ, his death, resurrection and ascension.
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the cardinal unites our prayers with all of the prayers of saints and martyrs today, and john paul ii, asking that we may share in their inheritance. cardinal prays for the church for pope benedict and as well as for those who died.
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>> . >> through him, with him, in him, in the unity of the glory spirit all honor is yours almighty father, forever and ever, amen. more than 500 priests and momentarily there should be communion into the square. holy father begins the rite of communion the prayer taught to us by jesus.
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♪ >> our father who art in hefsh. hallowed be thy name, give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. deliver us lord from every evil and grant us peace in our day. in your mercy, keep us free
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from sin and protect us from all anxiety as we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our savior, jesus christ. for the kingdom, and the power and the glory are yours, now and forever. lord, jesus christ, you said to your apostles i leave you peace, my peace i give you, look not on our sins, but on the faith of your church and grant us the peace and unity of your kingdom where you live forever and ever. amen. the peace of the lord be with
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you always. the decon sang in latin in the spirit of christ who rose from the dead let us offer ooeach ote sign of piece and the holy father offers them the sign of peace and the people offer each other the sign of peace that the world cannot offer, but can only be given by christ. as the priests begin to go to their posts and communion to those sitting at the level and the delegations from different countries. and others present.
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the choir singing lamb of god, you take away the the sins of the world, have mercy on us. lamb of god, you take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us. lamb of god, you take away the sins of the world, grant us peace.
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this is the lamb of god who takes away the sins of the world. happy are those who are called to his supper. and people saying: lord, i am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and i shall be healed. and the holy father, quietly, may the body of christ bring everlasting life. may the blood of christ bring me to everlasting life. another priest and cares for
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the homeless here in the vatican. the priest accompanied by association of st. peter and paul carrying white and yellow umbrellas. and candles, with a sign to remind us that indeed the body of jesus christ.
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>> . >> following this morning's beatification simone, poconos is one step closer to sainthood, but the road to declare him a saint. it could still be a long one. let's go live to fox news correspondent greg burke, whose at the vatican. and an interesting reference to the nuns working with mother teresa continuing her saintly work. >> that's right, jamie, you know, the whole scene, making it is a serious one and declare blessings and saints, it takes place in the course of of the mass todayment a very interesting process. we took a look how the process works. works. >> the catholic church teaches that anyone can and should be a saint, but making the official list is not so easy. jesuit priest studies whether the people who are tapped for sainthood deserve it. >> heroic virtue to prove is
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not easy to prove and need all the documentation you can get. >> that documentation is bound in books like these. father, you have hundreds of books here. >> 5,000, more or less. >> the books try to show how the person lived the christian virtues, fortitude. >> there are like three volumes. >> the cause or process starts in the dioces where the person died before making its way to rome. a reputation for holiness is an important factor making someone a saint. >> it's the most democratic thing because it is the people of god who select their saints. >>, but being popular and holy are not the same thing. >> the famous example, michael jackson, michael jackson tied, half the world watched the funeral and are we going to
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con nonize him, probably not. >> and including the founder of the order, st. ignatius was cannonized in 1862. >> it's the father of the miracle, father ignatius performed during his life and after his death. >> unless one is a martyr a miracle is required before they're beatphied. >> and the stories mostly instantaneous cure are in these books. >> the instant the people are cured and goes out of bed and eat a bit and goes to the chapel to pray and say thanks to god. >> now, guys, john paul ii probably will be made a saint. most the people here today think he already is, but the church will go through the process, the official process
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unless pope benedict decides otherwise and would mean approval of another miracle and it doesn't seem like any shortage of one, they want to be careful and make sure it is in fact a miracle, attributed to blessed john paul before they go ahead with the next process and making him a saint. in the case of padre pio it was three years before he was saint pio. >> live from the vatican, greg, thank you so much. >> three years from the padre, monsignor, your prediction for john paul ii. >> it was pad day you will be an important man in the church and a truman of the stig mat thea and the wounds of christ.
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and jamie and i were talking before. the heart of the man is not just accomplishments, but true humility. i love it was mentioned several times he he prayed for hours every day, as if to say i can do nothing without god behind me. >> and pope benedict brought up the humility aspect of pope john paul ii, something he set an example on. how important is that to the work that he did, and the example he set? >> the look at a situation like this, you have literally millions of people who will make all sorts of requests, if you don't know who you really are as god's first you can get so easily lost. john paul ii never did. and one of the ways he showed his humility, everybody who met him said you became the most important to him when you're with him and recognize i'm going to deal with the god in you, jamie, and eric i'll
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talk to you next, and that's what is part of what made him a great man. >> the you prayed with him several times, what was it lining. >> in prayer, very intense, no doubt. people called him mistic and he was, father jonathan, reported on off beat sense of humor and liked to play the bad boy, and twinkle in his eye and knew he was pulling your leg. always human, but what a saint, what a saint. >> one step closer. >> yes, exactly. >> father jonathan morris is in rome, earlier this morning told us how he had served pope john paul ii some cake when he should have been desserts when the pontiff was up the sem marry in yonkers, your prediction for the next step for pope john paul ii. >> i think monsignor was right. probably will be a few years and first of all, it's a huge
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production just to put this whole thing on, i don't think we'll be doing that again next month. and one point that i think is interesting, eric, is we're talking about how much john paul ii was loved. all over the world right now, now that he's been named, people are going to be saying, listen this used to belong to john paul ii, i was there with this when he happened and he touched the cloth. and very human. when somebody dies we still have, for example, the american flag that this person use today love so much. well, now, people are going to be saying, what was close to pope john paul ii? i've got something for all of of us today. this is a chalice that john paul ii, i hope you can see that, used in the masses when he came to the united states. he used this chalice right here. now, there's nothing magical about this, but the fact that a holy person whom we loved so
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much had it in his hand to consecrate the body and blood of christ and that's special. and lauren green is asking to take it home, i'm not going to let her do that, but i think this is a side of the human element the of this whole experience we knew him, we loved him and it's nice to have a holy hero not just michael jackson as greg burke mentioned. >> you know, the pontiff benedict in his homily this morning talked about a variety of issues about how pope john paul ii opened political systems, fogs, and dealt with marxism. father jonathan, you met pope john paul ii and you have that chalice and the meaning to your life and others, can you describe that. >> sure. well, a lot has been said about the whole dealing with the sex abuse scandal in the church and how the priests have gone through so much over
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these last years, especially since 2002, still under the watch of john paul ii, and there is something to be said about whether or not the administration of the church was handled properly in that case. that's something that we should examine. what we know now, there was no willingful-- based on the investigation, no willingful cooperation in the investigation and handling of it. on similar level, positive light what it meant for me. not just whether he he was a good administrative, but looking at this guy and saying, you know, i could do that. i could, i could dedicate my life to god. you know what, he looks like he's doing it and happy doing it. i think the great thing that john paul ii has done for the priesthood is giving an example of joyful commitment, joyful commitment. . >> that is a remarkable testament, a personal one from you and certainly we've seen that throughout this whole ceremony this morning that will continue.
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and father, very meaningful, pope john paul ii's coffin is up on the altar and later on this afternoon, people will ascend to the altar of st. peters basilica and kneel and pray before the pope as coffin. >> they will and it won't be just catholics, it will be protestants and non-christians and anyone who says that life is worth living when you do it right and i think that john paul ii said this is how you do it rightment you live the virtue, human virtue, christians virtues in a heroic way and so getting close to him. no, it's nothing magical will happen, but we have been blessed when we do those things and why there is he' going to be millions of people who are going to be passing by his coffin. >> i just want to say, father jonathan, that pope john paul ii did something special for me and that was when i was in rome, when he first became
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ill, i had an opportunity no less than a parking lot, to meet you, and to learn a lot more about the church and about his thoughts and his believes and your commitment to him and to be here today and to have you alongside is very, he very special to me and so many people who are watching, too, your insight as the monsignor as well. it's incredible to get to know pope john paul ii more. i do have the rosary that you shared with me that pope john paul ii blessed and thank you for telling us more about his life. >> you're welcome. you took me off the streets of rome. >> it's been sixors and it's so hard to believe and it's very significant for all of us, and lauren green, too, has really devoted her life to
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religion and to her work here at the fox news channel about religion. i want to ask you, lauren, about the young people that were in the crowd today. and pope john paul ii has the ability to reach out and inspire young people, to have faith. to have hope and to do work that was significant, and in helping others. do you get that sense today that the use youth of the world are sharing in the day that are so special to us? >> absolutely, jamie. you know, one of the things that pope benedict talked about in the homily, pope john paul ii's devotion to mary and talked about it in the papal coat of arms and the letter m. many don't realize when he became pope it was unheard of to have a letter in your coat of arms and he had to fight for that, but shows how he lived out his faith because so many people talked about how his devotion to the virgin mary, the mother of jesus was rooted in his own painful los


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